Bulk Tea Bags

Grams per Tea Bag:
2g in each bag. Chamomile is only 1.5g
Bulk Tea Bags

Our Tea Bags are a High Quality Bio Degradable product and are lovingly packed with 2g of our wonderful tea, tisanes and herbs to create the perfect cup of tea every time.  With such a large amount of tea packed into every tea bag, your drinker will certainly be able to enjoy more than one cup with every tea bag.

Our tea and herbs are Certified Organic and are the of the highest quality products available. Our tea bags are beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to drink.  Your customers will feel the love as you guarantee them a wonderful hand crafted product sure to sooth and rejuvenate the drinker.

As tea drinkers ourselves not too much compares to brewing your own pot of tea, however we have packed more tea into our bags to ensure the drinker feels the same richness of experience as you would expect with a pot.