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About Us

The Herbal Connection has been proudly supporting Australia's desire for fresh Organic, Conventional and Wild Crafted herbs, teas and spices for nearly 40 years.  We are passionate about our business and yours,  our philosophy for life and work revolves around health, balance, fun and an overall positive experience.  Our staff and customers alike will feel like part of The Herbal Connection Family. 

As specialists in sourcing products, we aim to achieve competitive pricing for our customers across our entire range.  We are driven to always improve and drive down costs for small to medium sized businesses.  Working closely with you we will develop a ranging strategy to maximise efficiency, deliver costs savings and improve profits.  We will only ever sell or produce products that focus on enhancing peoples lives, helps the planet and creates a positive experience and outcome for all involved.


Whole foods and Bulk Foods

With a great deal of experience in supplying Wholefoods businesses you can consider us your  "one stop shop" solution for your herbs, spices, teas and health foods.  Reduce suppliers and deliveries by consolidating your range with The Herbal Connection.  With our knowledge of what sells and what the current whole foods trends are we can assist in developing a great Herbs, Spice and Tea range for your store.  Would you like a custom blended herb and spice mix, custom tea blends specific to your customers and store?  We offer our customers a unique experience to  develop mixes and blends that will only be available to your store.


Ingredients\Short Run Manufacturing

Whether blending your own range of teas, spice blends or manufacturing food products, The Herbal Connection is the ideal supplier for your Conventional and Organic ingredients.  We will work with you to develop a product strategy that accommodates the smallest start up to the major manufacturer.  We know that starting up can be difficult as major food manufacturer’s avoid small runs.  Talk to us, we have a range of partners who can help you achieve your new product dreams.  If you are looking for unique ingredients then we can help you source them and then warehouse the products for you to use when you need them. You never need to run out of stock again or delay production due to ingredients not being available when you need them.


Private Label Tea Blending\Bagging Services

We are a multiple award winning supplier offering our clients beautiful herbs, spices and teas ensuring quality and high end products are produced for our clients.  Whether you are developing a blend and brand from scratch, need advise and assistance getting started or if you are already developing your products and need to step it up a notch.  Our purpose built factory for blending and packing is the solution you are looking for, from short to long runs we are able to deliver your blend in a beautiful Pyramid tea bag solution or in packaging of your own. We are unique in our offering to you, working together to develop an affordable customised solution delivering flexibility that matches the stage of your business.


Equine Herbs

The well known health benefits of our medicinal herbs and spices work equally as well for your fury family.  Chamomile, Rosehip, Beetroot Powder and Turmeric are just a few of the very popular herbs we sell for horse and animal use alike.  Our own goats and chooks get healthy doses of Garlic to fend off ticks and fleas.  We offer our larger stockfeed and equine businesses a bulk purchase range of products specifically targeted at the equine market.  If you are interested in stocking a range of products at the most affordable prices then look no further.


Health Business

The Herbal Connection also carries a range of products ideal for the Health Industry. Health food stores, Naturopaths and herbalists alike enjoy the extensive range of products we have.  Withania, Monk Fruit, Guarana, various Ginseng roots and powders, powdered greens and Amazonian products as well as potent herbal extracts.  With over 30 years experience working within the industry check in with our unique range of products available in bulk or smaller sized ziplock pouches for individual use.


We invite you to make The Herbal Connection a part of your supply chain strategy and look forward to talking to you in person soon.