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We are known for the best wholesale spices in Australia, offering a wide range of exceptional quality bulk spices online. Come for the products, stay for the service.

Sustainably-Packaged, Premium-Quality Wholesale Spices: Experience the award winning difference with The Herbal Connection. We have a commitment to providing our customers with a great product available at affordable prices. The beautiful fresh, natural flavours of our herbs and spices range set to complement your products or culinary journey.

Bulk Spices Online

Looking for spices online? Spices are the heart and soul of cooking as well as a cornerstone to your health journey. Offering our wholesale customers the opportunity to purchase our bulk spices online with discounts available for bulk spice purchases online.

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  • Ajwain Organic

    Ajwain Organic

    Commonly known as ajowan or ajwain, bishop's weed, ajowan caraway, carom seeds, or thymol seeds, or vaamu in Telugu or omam in Tamil is a plant of India, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt and the Near East whose seeds are used as a spice.Trachyspermum ammi is...
  • AllSpice Pimento Ground

    AllSpice Pimento Ground

    Origin: Mexico Allspice is one of the most important ingredients of Caribbean cuisine. It is used in Caribbean jerk seasoning (the wood is used to smoke jerk in Jamaica, although the spice is a good substitute), in moles, and in pickling; it is also an...
  • Allspice Pimento Whole Allspice Pimento Whole

    Allspice Pimento Whole

    Origin: Mexico Allspice, also called Jamaica pepper, pepper, myrtle pepper, pimenta, pimento, English pepper or newspice, is the dried unripe fruit ("berries", used as a spice) of Pimenta dioica. Allspice is one of the most important ingredients of...
  • Aniseed Ground Aniseed Ground

    Aniseed Ground

    Aniseed is a warm licorice-tasting seed that is harvested from an annual plant with flat, feathery leaves and white, late summer blooming flowerheads. Be careful not to confuse aniseed with star anise, which is harvested from a tree that is native to...
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    Aniseed Whole Aniseed Whole

    Aniseed Whole

    About Aniseed Conventional is widely appreciated for its distinct licorice-like flavour, often used to enhance the taste of various products such as beverages, candies, and baked goods. This spice is a staple in both sweet and savoury dishes. While...
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    Aniseed Whole Organic

    Aniseed Whole Organic

    About Aniseed Organic is a popular spice known for its distinctive licorice-like flavour. It is used in various culinary applications and traditional remedies. Aniseed is commonly found in sweet and savoury dishes, adding a unique taste profile. While...
  • Anti-Inflammatory Blend Anti-Inflammatory Blend

    Anti-Inflammatory Blend

    A perfect pair! Turmeric and black pepper each have health benefits, due to the compounds curcumin and piperine. As piperine enhances curcumin absorption in the body by up to 2,000%, combining the spices magnifies their effects. They may reduce...
  • Aphrodi-tea Organic Aphrodi-tea Organic

    Aphrodi-tea Organic

    From the Goddess of passion and beauty herself, we have created Aphrodi-tea blend. This spritely blend holds ingredients with known benefits to help with fertility, aphrodisiac, circulation, hormone balance, digestion, improve mood, cardiovascular, and...
  • Apple Pie Breakfast Blend

    Apple Pie Breakfast Blend

    Our newest range of wholefoods blends! Perfect addition to the pantry as these can be used at breakfast toppers for muesli, cereal, or yoghurt, or even used in homemade baked goods!    Ingredients: Apple, Cassia Cinnamon Ground, Almonds,...
  • Aussie Spice Blend
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    Aussie Spice Blend

    Our Aussie Christmas blend! Made with Australian and Traditional ingredients, this has been created with the Australian campfire in mind.  Inspiring the senses, which will take you back to camping in the country side; with the fresh smell of the...
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  • Bay Leaf Bay Leaf

    Bay Leaf

    About Bay leaves, commonly referred to as the herb bay leaf, are aromatic leaves from the bay laurel tree, native to the Mediterranean region. This herb is widely used in cooking to impart a distinct flavour to dishes such as soups, stews, and sauces...
  • Smokey BBQ Rub Smokey Rub

    BBQ Smokey Rub

    About Introducing our BBQ Smokey Rub, a flavourful blend of Thyme, Coriander, Cumin, Himalayan Pink Salt, Ground Onion, Smoked Paprika, and Black Peppercorns. Perfect for adding a smoky kick to your BBQ dishes. Hand blended to order to keep this product...
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