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    Assam Tea

    Assam Tea Organic

    About Organic Assam Tea is grown in the lush tea gardens of Assam, India, renowned for their rich, malty flavour and deep amber colour. Assam Tea stands out from other black teas due to its unique growing conditions in the floodplains of the Brahmaputra...
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    Birch Leaves

    Birch Leaves Organic

    About Birch Leaves Organic are traditionally known for their potential to support urinary health and promote detoxification. Often consumed as a tea, they are believed to help with the body's natural detox processes and support kidney function. However,...
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    California Poppy

    California Poppy Organic

    About Organic California Poppy, sourced from the lush fields of Croatia, is a highly valued herb known for its calming properties and numerous health benefits. These vibrant flowers are rich in beneficial compounds and have been traditionally used to...
  • Organic
    Catnip Organic

    Catnip Herb Organic

    About Catnip Herb Organic, a versatile herb well-known for its calming effects, has been traditionally used to support relaxation and digestive health. Often enjoyed as a tea, it can provide a soothing end to a busy day. However, its effects can vary,...
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    Darjeeling Tea

    Darjeeling Tea Organic

    About Organic Darjeeling Tea is grown in the pristine highlands of Darjeeling, India, known for its delicate flavour and unique muscatel aroma. Unlike other black teas, Darjeeling Tea is cultivated at high altitudes in the cool, misty climate of the...
  • Eyebright


    About Eyebright, sourced from the pristine fields of Bulgaria, is a cherished herb known for its potential health benefits. This herb has been traditionally used to support eye health and alleviate discomfort caused by eye strain and fatigue. Rich in...
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    Albanian Juniper Berries Albanian Juniper Berries

    Juniper Berries Albania Organic

    About Organic Albanian Juniper Berries are renowned for their distinct flavor and potential health benefits. These berries, sourced from the pristine lands of Albania, offer a unique blend of earthy and piney notes, making them a popular choice in gin...
  • Oat Straw

    Oat Straw

    About Oat Straw is a nutrient-rich herb known for its calming and restorative properties. Sourced from the finest organic oat plants, this product retains many of the natural benefits, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Oat Straw is...
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