Red Rose Buds

Red Rose Buds

NOP & NOPA Certified

Rose petals are traditionally known for their heavenly aroma. Metaphorically the rose is related to the emotion love, and traditionally the most predominant flower symbol in the world, symbolising; love, youth and beauty. Rose gallica is a species of rose native to the Mediterranean, fragrant by nature; it is one of the three varieties of rose used for rose oil production. Historically the name Rosa comes from the Greek word, rodon, meaning red. Greek history suggests that the deep red colour of the rose stems from the blood of Adonis and according to Islam history, the rose originated from the sweat of Mohammed. Both are very different stories but both carry a very important sacred meaning. The traditional and contemporary uses of rose are almost the same. It has been mainly used for its fragrance component and its soothing effect. It has been known to help alleviate headaches and is a popular flavouring agent in many Mediterranean dishes.