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Matcha Latte Organic

ORIGIN: Made in Australia with local & imported products
Hand Blended: Blended to order @ The Herbal Connection

Matcha Latte with a twist.  Our Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha combined with Organic Moringa Leaf powder and a touch of Organic Stevia make this mix a wonderful healthy drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Swap your Acai Berry Powder in your breakfast smoothie bowl for a health boost first thing in the morning. Green Tea offers offers a powerful antioxidant boost, whilst the Moringa Powder is an overall health tonic and worthy of being added to your health routine, a small touch of Stevia for a hint of sweetness means this drink can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

Mix 1tsp of the powder mix in a small amount of hot water to form a paste, then mix with your favorite milk or milk substitute serve hot or over ice.

Organic Cert. NASAA 4306P


Ceremonial Green Tea Matcha, Moringa Leaf Powder Organic


Matcha Latte Organic

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Matcha Latte Organic


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