Spring Cleaning

Posted by Renae Colbert on 9th Jan 2018

I love the springtime. I love the smell of wattle in the air, the warm breeze that starts to blow during the day, the cool fresh mornings, the sun rising just that bit earlier in the morning as to have you full of anticipation for the day ahead.

Spring-cleaning is a term we know for this time of the year. It makes sense that you’ve had the house locked up for 3 months and now is the perfect time to open everything up, clear out the cobwebs, and turn over your winter veggie patch. You can’t help but feel like you want to give everything the once over, make it all bright and sparkly again to match the feeling of the spring air outside.

Cleansing is a wonderful thing to do and whilst I’m not a fan of housework there is something about the spring clean that I really look forward to. Likewise, I take this time of the year to cleanse not only my house but my body as well. As much as I love to pick a cupboard or a room in the house and go through it top to bottom, chucking out all the unnecessary junk and wiping everything to within an inch of its life, I also like to take this time and do the same thing with my body. Head to toe, not uncommon for me to get a new hairdo, freshen up with a new colour, check in for a full body scrub at the salon and release extra toxins with a massage or two. Sounds completely indulgent I know, but let me tell you that investing a little bit of time and extra attention on me, my body and my renewal for spring time is as important to me as clearing the cobwebs from the windows outside.

This process doesn’t have to be expense but for me I do like to feel super indulgent, it does need to give you a lift, a feeling of fresh and new. Sometimes it’s as simple as just changing your seasonal diet, taking extra walks in the sunshine and giving yourself a pedicure once a week. As the weather starts to warm up there can be feelings of, Oh no. I’m not ready yet. Let me assure you, spring is the time of year for new beginnings and a fresh new start. It’s time to strip back, scrub up, clean out and blossom.

Having recently gotten back from a holiday overseas and the overindulgence that can bring and then diving head first into EOFY as soon as I got home and getting back on top of things quickly to give my team a well-earned break, I feel tired and a little rounder in the middle than I’d usually like, I just haven’t given myself the time I need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Thank goodness for Springtime, now that I am home and business is back to usual, and with the weather turning warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom; the heavy scent of springtime flowers are in the air, I can’t wait to get started on my spring-cleaning. Inside and out, I’m ready for a fresh new beginning, how about you?

Looking for some herbs to add to your spring cleanse, these are a few of my favourites.


Red Clover


Burdock Root

Milk Thistle


Yours is health,


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