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Tea Packing

The Herbal Connection are able to help you Blend and Pack your teas or powders.  With specialised equipment you can move from a focus on production to marketing and promoting your brand and let us take care of the dusty work.

We are proud supporters of small and start up businesses.

How does your tea bag packing work?

The Herbal Connection are able to pack into pillow shape or pyramid shape tea bags.  With the option of your own bag and tag, or a generic "TEA" bag and tag.

The size of herbs and there ability to flow consistently through equipment does impact the outcome but the equipment used is very flexible, allowing the filling of tea bags using whole herbs.

Again, you are able to get The Herbal Connection to blend your product or send us the finished product you wish to have packed in to tea bags.


Is there a minimum number of tea bags we have packed?

We ensure all equipment is cleaned thoroughly between packing jobs so it is essential we do a minimum run of tea bags when packing.  Our minimum run per product type would be 3Kg in a generic tea bag or 1 roll (5,000) if being run into a custom tea bag.

Make sure you check out our non-branded range of bulk tea bags available at

How much tea goes into a tea bag?

Between 1 and 2 grams suits most teas.

Can I put powders into a tea bag?

Unfortunately this creates a huge mess!  It also filters through the tea bag material creating a poor user experience.  So unfortunately not.

How do I know my recipe is safe?

The Herbal Connection signs a non-disclosure agreement with blending clients so you can have complete confidence your special recipe is kept safe. 

Can you help me develop a range?

If you do wish to have some assistance we are happy to offer general advice and point you in the right direction to get started. Our first piece of advice is:- Make sure you love it!

If you would like a quote on your recipe simply spreadsheet your blend and use The Herbal Connections online pricing to evaluate cost pricing.  Remembering our volume discounts.  

What are the turn around times?

It is best to allow 2-3 weeks for production from the time we receive stock OR your blending order.  However we are always ready to work with clients who have tight deadlines where we can.

Can you provide packaging?

We recommend you source packaging directly as it is such an important part of your product.  However we are more than happy to assist where we can and give some direction to suppliers and manufacturers we know and trust.

Can you apply labels?

We do not have labelling automation and recommend labelling is done at you business prior to or post packing by The Herbal Connection.