Lemon grass & Ginger Tea Organic

Made in Australia with local & imported products
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Lemongrass Organic, Ginger Cut Organic
Lemon grass & Ginger Tea Organic

A beautiful tea blending Organic Lemongrass and Organic Ginger. With a hint of zest and a whole lot of spicy bright lemongrass – this brew smacks you sideways with a refreshing sensation that's as vibrant as it is engaging. 

Certification: NASAA 4306P


Lemongrass Organic

Good for digestion, full of antioxidants, regulates high blood pressure, and is known to help boost metabolism and fat burning properties. Also naturally great for skin and hair, cold and flu symptoms, and relieving menstrual pain.

Ginger Cut Organic

Ginger is known to have powerful medicinal properties. From aiding in the reduction of muscle pain and soreness, nausea and morning sickness, as well as being a natural appetite suppressant, so often used in the aid of weight loss.