Catnip Herb

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Nepeta cataria
Catnip Herb

Catnip is an herbaceous perennial from the mint family, growing from 90cm to 1.4 meters tall. The square shaped stems are straight with green, triangular to ovate leaves. The gently fragrant leaves have scalloped edges and could be described as ‘coarse’, with grey-white hairs on the underside. In spring or summer, the long blooming flowers grow on spikes and are white with purple spots. The flowers are small, but put on a delicate, lightly fragrant show. There are many reported health benefits and uses for catnip as an herbal supplement. Some of the uses include treatment for anxiety and insomnia. As noted above, it is often used as for its calming effects on the mind, body and even stomach. Many of its uses are stress relieving in some form or another.Catnip is useful for a variety of digestive issues from stomach upset, diarrhea and gas. It may also help ease menstrual cramps.Many use catnip for respiratory issues such as cough and congestion.The anti-inflammatory properties of catnip also make it an effective folk treatment for arthritis, hemorrhoids and even to bring down the swelling associated with hives and bug bites.