Custom Blending

The Herbal Connection are able to help you Blend and Pack your teas or powders.  With specialised equipment you can move from a focus on production to marketing and promoting your brand and let us take care of the dusty work.

We are proud supporters of small and start up businesses.

What if I wish to be or am Certified Organic?

If you are choosing to Certify your product Organic in Australia you can choose to have your blending and packing done at The Herbal Connection knowing we are a fully Certified Wholesaler and Processor under Certificate (4306P).

We can supply your raw materials, blend and pack under the Australian Organic Standard.

How does your blending work?                  

At The Herbal Connection we can blend your products (powders or herbs).  Our blending is done to your recipe and can use 100% of The Herbal Connections products OR you can send product to us.  There may be some restrictions on how many and where these come from but we are happy to work with you.  Blending is done at a fixed cost of $1 per kilogram with a minimum per blend of $25 charged.  This covers equipment clean down costs per blend.

How does your packing service work?        

The Herbal Connection can bulk pack your stock and arrange to have your product shipped directly to your manufacturing facility or to you for processing.