Coconut Oil 5 Litre Pail

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Coconut Oil 5 Litre Pail


Improving Gut Health - Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT) that are easier to digest, absorb and convert to energy than the traditionally used vegetable oils. It's been reported to assist with ulcers, acidosis, colic and dysbiosis and is particularly helpful for horses on a grain-based feed.  Entice Picky Eaters - Most horses seem to love the taste so it's a great way to hide less palatable supplements and medications  Reducing Hay - If the price of hay in your area is sky high then coconut oil can help you add extra calories without increasing your hay bill. It's also great for seniors or hard keepers that don't gain weight not matter how much hay or grass you provide  "Cool" Energy source - Coconut Oil is energy dense and yields about 2  times more energy than starch or protein. It gives your horse a readily digestible energy, without the "hotness" that generally comes with high grain diets (great for you OTTB riders!)  Easy to Store Supplement - Since it's naturally resistant to rancidity, it can be safely stored at room temperature for several years versus vegetable oils which may only last a few months (I've been guilty of keeping a jug of corn oil in the feed room for WAY too long).

Some herbs are restricted by sport regulators, and may be unsuitable for pregnant mares. Please be sure and speak with a medical professional before administering any form of herb into your pets diet.  We do not offer advise or dosages on herbs that we sell.