Body Boost Range

master-1.jpgNew Blends Focused on the improving the health of the body

Introducing the first 3 products in the range.

The perfect addition to your range Use our blends as a base to create your own unique product Rebrand our white label products to sell onto your clients online or in store Balanced blends with real ingredients that also taste amazing. Pair with our Breakfast Blends or Protein Powder.

Body Boost Greens Blend

NOTHING BUT GREENS! Great for smoothies + baking & can be added easily to stews and soups.

Body Boost Anti-Ox Blend

High concentration of antioxidant rich berries and Amazon Fruits + the added benefit of beetroot. Rich in Vitamin C and great for skin health and blood sugar control, improved blood flow and circulation.

Body Boost Brain Blend

Our chocolate-y blend of high percentage mushrooms that truly tastes AMAZING! 5 different mushroom powders blended together with antioxidant dense cacao and anti inflammatory monk fruit for a touch or added sweetness.

Nothing but real ingredients